Use business intelligence to empower your business 

Offering world-class consulting and software development services



Processing vast streams of diverse data requires bespoke solutions and scalable infrastructure.



Strategic decisions requires instant access to wide spectrum of informations that can be filtered and visualized live.



Storing data is critical part of any business. Ability to access it and query with an ease is a must.

Need BI solutions?

We offer complex solutions, fully taking care of your data. Extracting, transforming, loading and visualizing your business key performance indicators and market trends to empower decision making and gain competitive advantage.

Seeking opportunities to develop your business further on is natural step for every entrepreneur. Help yourself with complex visualizations to explore your data even deeper.

Founded in 2014. We have been providing bespoke solutions for range of companies operating in banking, telecom, sales and ecommerce area. Using leading and scalable technologies allows our products to expand with the company.

As your business grows bigger and bigger, so will our solutions. Adjusted to fit your company, they will become core part of it.